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Eduardo E. Coney Founder / President 


Barbara Simmons Director of Finance

Co-founder of Spectrum International Children (SIC) believes that “every child should have the full opportunity to become what he or she should be.”   A native of Panama, while growing up, she experienced the life of an orphaned child through some of her classmates.  Which created a strong desire for her to help those in need.  She has served for 18 years helping children in need of social and economic assistance through the support of her church, After obtaining her degree from the University of Panama, by putting herself through school and working for the US Army in the Corozal Canal Zone, she immigrated to the United States. Once in the United States, she gained employment through OMNI Medical Center, where she continues with her passion and dedication to helping children.  She attended Ebenezer Institute, where she met Pastor Eduardo E. Coney.  There Mr. Coney shared his passion for the well-being of orphaned children in their native land of Panama and around the world.  Together they created the US Panamanian Charity.  In 2002 the organization was established. Shortly after they incorporated Spectrum International Children Inc to extend the support of helping children globally.  In 2008 the US Panamanian Charity changed its name to (SIC) Spectrum International Children, where Barbara continues to help the mentally ill, handicapped, and orphaned children throughout the world. 



Sophya Suon Online Development


Roy Robin Director of Youth Activities

Dr. Nwogh Benson Medical Consultant

Dr. Nwogh Benson, a native of Nigeria and a civil war survivor, has vowed to help those less fortunate. His first experience with children who suffered from malnutrition and diseases lead him to study pharmacy.  Dr. Benson attributes his survival and the survival of his countrymen to UNICEF and other similar organizations. He is a firm believer in the work of Spectrum International Children and other organizations that are dedicated to the well-being of poor and developing countries.   Dr. Benson has since reached out for causes that benefit suffering children, especially those who were abandoned or have lost their parents to unfortunate circumstances. He is pleased to be part of Spectrum International Children, where he can assist in reaching out to helpless and orphaned children in various parts of the world. 


Marcus Senior, Sr. Technology Advisor