Sponsor A Child

Would you like to make a world of difference to a child a world away? Spectrum supporters have chosen to focus their resources on the youth who are the hope and the future of their respective countries. When you give the gift of sponsorship to a child through Spectrum International Children, Inc. – you provide hope for a special girl or boy and you build a relationship with them that lasts for a
life time.

How does Sponsorship

Choosing from the sponsorship options listed below, you become a member of our family of sponsors. We will send you regular school reports, photos, and letters from the child whose life you are changing. Sponsorship commitments are made on an annual basis and at the end of your sponsorship year, you will be given the opportunity to continue supporting your child as he or she progresses through their education.

Sponsor a child in

A little bit goes a long way towards transforming the life of a child. Your
monthly sponsorship ensures that a child receives an education, clothing, nutritious food, health care, vocational training, life skills, and most importantly, a place to call home.

How much does child sponsorship

Just $37 (or $18.50 for a co-sponsorship) a month! Your sponsorship will help make programs possible that will address your sponsored child’s (and other children) most basic needs; programs that provide orphaned children with better health and education, safer homes, increased self-esteem, life skills, as well as:
●Critical vaccination and nutrition programs
●Health clinic construction
●School and living quarter’s construction and renovation
●Vocational, educational, mentoring, and tutoring
●Water system and well construction
●Teacher and volunteer training
Where does my money go?
Money raised through child sponsorship goes to orphanages and projects that benefit the whole, not individual children.
Sponsored children act as representatives of their orphanage and community.   At least 81% of funds raised Internationally go to help poor communities in need.

How does child sponsorship fit with

The ongoing commitment to child sponsorship allows a steady stream of funds that Spectrum International Children can allocate in advance to ensure community development work continues. The number of children sponsored is directly related to the figures of resources that are needed for the community development goals.  If Spectrum International Children does not find sponsors for children that are part of the program, then that project is not fully funded. Orphanages and communities in need are chosen by Spectrum International Children through detailed research, which identifies the degree of poverty as part of the assessment. The next step is to work on a small project that has a short time frame of approximately three to twelve months to see how Spectrum International Children and the community can work together.
How long will my sponsorship last?
We hope that once you experience the rewarding results from your donations that you will want to be part of Spectrum International Children work for an extended time period. Our work is long-term and committed support from sponsors allows us to achieve lasting results. We encourage our sponsors to stay with us for a significant number of years and to sponsor as many children as possible.  However long you decide to be with us, your sponsorship is always welcomed and greatly appreciated. Children are normally sponsored until they reach the age of 18.

As a child sponsor,

Annual program communication explains some of the key Spectrum International Children projects that are being implemented in your child’s country.
Spectrum International Children Passport, our bi-annual magazine packed with interesting stories and articles about Spectrum International Children’s work around the world.
Opportunity to send letters and gifts to your child and to visit your child in their village.
An annual tax receipt that allows you to claim the full benefit of your tax deduction with all child sponsorship payments and additional donations.
The knowledge that you are making a real contribution to ending the poverty cycle for children and communities. 
Can I visit my sponsored child?
Yes, Spectrum International Children, Inc. always encourages child sponsors to build relationships with the child and community they assist, through sponsor visits. Meeting your sponsored child can be a most valued experience that strengthens your relationship and understanding about Spectrum International Children work in the community. You are most welcome to visit your sponsored child and observe the community development work that Spectrum International Children has been assisting through your valued contribution.

How is Spectrum International Children Inc, from other child sponsorship organizations?

Spectrum International Children ensures that children are at the heart of everything we do. We make this happen by encouraging children to participate and contribute their ideas and opinions so that they are truly heard in their community. Being child-centered is the foundation of our organization and those values are represented throughout the work that we do and in our approach to community development. We’ve been helping children since 2002.  


Spectrum International Children is non-religious and non-political in its orientation and accepts all children and communities into its child sponsorship program, regardless of their sex, race, political persuasion, or religion — poverty does not discriminate, so neither do we. Spectrum International Children is respectful of all cultural differences and does not promote any religious or political agenda in communities in which we work.