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People start to feel the need for something when they actually lose it or need it. Power is one of the main problems when it comes to cities without any power. The solar panel is the only solution for Ustupu people to start getting power in their cities. Our next mission is to get as many as houses as we could to start their night with a light. We are collecting every penny to start this mission, and as soon as we get our target we will go ahead and put the solar panels in the houses so they can spend their nights with a light.

Spectrum’s mission Ustupu Island San Blas
Here the children are eating their lunch in the Sanctuary.  Some of them are standing at the entrance of the church where they attend classes.  Pastor Laurencio Navas and his wife are the Directors of the Spectrum Mission on the Island of Ustupu. Pastor Navas is reaching out to the world communities for a couple of outboard motors for the boats they have in the compound. The outboard motors for these boats are broken. These boats are their only means of transportation to go to the main Island to purchase food, kerosene, fuel, etc., Currently, they are using cayuco (canoes) with paddles to go to and from Ustupu Island and other surrounding Islands for their needs.

The recent rainstorm and flooding had damaged several of their huts. The church is now being utilized as the class room and a place to sit and eat a warm meal. We are seeking donations to help dig and build water wells.

Can you help us rebuild the kitchen? Maybe you are able to provide solar panel systems for lighting in the church?  Spectrum is seeking donors who can donate 4 complete solar panel systems and batteries. This would stop the use of flammable fuel at night in the compound. The flammable fuel is used for lighting during the night hours. Pastor Navas and his team of volunteers would like to thank you in advance for your help.